Transit Trekker in Real Change News

I talked to Real Change News about my work here, and the issue is on sale via the paper’s vendors around Seattle and a bit beyond for a couple more days. If you’re not in Seattle, you can read online, here. Wherever you are, consider a digital “purchase” to one of the vendors listed on the Real Change site. via Venmo.. Don’t miss reading the accompanying feature here.

My only regret is that because I came down with a certain flu-like illness after 3 years of evasion, I couldn’t buy from Ron, the vendor mentioned in the embedded tweet who sells in my neighborhood, or anyone else IRL.

Isn’t the cover illustration sa-wheet? The part of the interview where I talked about how being able to combine transit with bicycling could really extend a lot transit-based recreation access didn’t make it into the final cut, so I’m glad a bicycle made it into the illo!

Updates to the resource page and other stuff coming soon, but I’m going to be letting this stupid bug run its course for a bit before I resume much more work here.

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