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Plain "cover" of the Transit Trekker Manual: black text on white Title, plus "Your Guide to Car-Free Recreation". To the right of the title is a small "Coming Soon" banner, a black silhouette in the shape of Washington state and the words "Washington State" below the silhouette.
  • Everything you need to know to plan and enjoy transit-based and car-free outdoor recreation trips
  • Expert tips from a seasoned transit trekker for transit-based, car-free day trips, backpacking, biking, and e-biking
  • Resources and checklists to help plan your Transit Trek
  • First release for Washington state; additional locations to follow
  • Initially issued in e-reader and PDF formats; Print editions TBD based on interest
  • NEW: Check out the draft table of contents here.

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“As someone who can’t drive and loves to be outside walking, running and biking, there is a real lack of awareness of how difficult it is to get to “outdoor” opportunities without a car. Kimberly has tapped into a deep need here, both for those of us who don’t have other options, and those who want to recreate more sustainably. And after joining her in one of her Transit Treks last fall, I can tell you she is a super organized planner who doesn’t leave any detail, from where to recharge batteries to where to find a good beer, unconsidered. I can’t wait to use these Treks to access new and beautiful places throughout our state and our country!”

— Anna Z., Seattle

Two High-Impact, Low-Effort Ways to Support Transit Trekking

I’m out of office so I’m scheduling a few quick posts for while I’m away. Here are two easy things you can do that have lots of potential to spur support for transit trekking and improved transit overall. Talk About It. Whenever you travel for recreation, be sure to mention that you either came by…

3-day Car-free Vacations Around Washington state

I’m away this week so I’m scheduling a few quick posts sharing some of the car-free content I’ve found around the web in my research for The Transit Trekker Manual. Here’s an old post from The Sightline Institute asking for car-free vacation ideas, with a bunch of comments offering up suggestions and experiences. Not surprisingly,…

DC Region Transit Trekking

I’m away this week so I’m scheduling a few posts to share some of the car-free recreation info I’ve found around the web. This 2016 Greater Greater Washington post from Payton Chung has a bunch of ideas for the DC area. The comments contain more suggestions.  The post features the C&O Canal, which I rode…

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