I talked with Washington Trails Association about transit trekkin’

A screenshot of my trip report account on the Washington Trails Site. Titled "My Trip Report" it notes that I have written 6 trip reports and that my trip reports have received 26 total helpful ratings from other users.
My modest stats on my WTA trip report account.

A while back I started writing trip reports for some of my hikes over at the very helpful Washington Trails Association (WTA) site. It seemed like a small but potentially effective way to share information about transit-accessible trails and to plant the seed in more folks’ minds that transit to trails is a thing you can do or something that just might be more possible than previously assumed. So when Anna Roth over at WTA reached out after noticing my trip reports, I was more than happy to chat. Here’s the Q&A.

Expanding transit is one of the very most effective things we can do to promote quality of life overall for rural and urban Washington and more equitable access to the outdoors.

– me

I was equally pleased that at least one of those trip reports, for North Kitsap Heritage Park, prompted a fellow hiker to try out a transit trek — scroll to the bottom of the trip report to read the comments.

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