Bike leaning in front of a picnic table in front of a rustic Adirondack camping structure.

DC Region Transit Trekking

I’m away this week so I’m scheduling a few posts to share some of the car-free recreation info I’ve found around the web.

This 2016 Greater Greater Washington post from Payton Chung has a bunch of ideas for the DC area. The comments contain more suggestions. 

The post features the C&O Canal, which I rode on what I think of as my first official transit trek, from NYC to DC and the C&O and then on to Pittsburg via the Great Allegheny Passage, about a decade ago. We even stayed in a lockhouse like the one featured in the post. More on that in a later post. As many 300+ -mile bike tour can be, it was quite the adventure. 

The photo above is NOT from the C&O trip, as I don’t have those at hand. It’s from one of my many trips to Tolt-MacDonald Park, which is adjacent the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, which connects to the hundreds-miles long Palouse to Cascades Trail — a rough Washington state analog to C&O and Great Allegheny Passage trails. 

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