Submit a Resource

Know a resource for transit-accessible or otherwise car-free outdoor recreation that belongs on the Transit Trekker Resource Page? Tell me about it by completing the survey below.

I try to prioritize comprehensive resources rather than info that features just one or a few destinations and transit-based resources.

I am unlikely to post car-pool, private shuttle, or car-lite resources unless they strike me as exceptionally thoughtful, user-friendly, and their creators really get transit and mobility.

That said, I’d rather post more rather than less, since there are still so few resources out there. If in doubt, please complete the survey.

Many of the questions are optional so don’t fret about the length of the form — just skip if you prefer.

If I can make the time and figure out how to do so, I may create a simple search tool at some point to allow you to filter resources based on geography and type, and maybe a couple of other attributes.