Ride Lake Washington Blvd with us on May 19!

Seattle Biketrain logo: black and white illustrain with the words BIKETRAIN SEATTLE set against a bike wheel and spokes.

Want a little friendly company to help you get started cycling for transportation or fun?

Seattle Biketrain is back and we can’t wait to ride with you!

Our most recent ride was May 19. Sign up here to get announcements about our next rides. And check back here for details.

The Date: Roll with us Thursday, May 19. THAT’s TODAY! We’ll meet at Westlake Station beginning at 5:00 p.m. and roll out by 5:30. Please let us know you plan to attend by using the RSVP link near the bottom of this page. Please RSVP no later than 4 pm the day of the ride.

The Route: We’ll ride south to pick up riders at International District Pioneer Square Station, then take Dearborn to the Mountains to Sound Trail to the site of Judkins Park Station to pick up more riders. We will continue on to Lake Washington Boulevard and finish at Columbia Park, with an optional post-ride chat and chill. (There was tree fall at Mt. Baker Beach after Wednesday’s wind that temporarily cut off Lake Washington Blvd. Traffic is now flowing again, so we are sticking to our planned route!)

This route uses a combination of protected bike lanes, trails, and mostly lower-car-traffic streets. Be aware that Lake Washington Boulevard has narrow shoulders and no protected bike lanes. Please be aware that by joining this ride you are riding at your own risk.

Here’s our ride plan and the locations you can join along the way. Be sure to let us know if you will join anywhere but Westlake, so we can expect you. Times are estimates except for our 5:30 departure; we won’t leave earlier than the posted time, but we may arrive 5-10 minutes later than expected.

  • 5:30 pm  Depart Westlake via 4th Ave S – Yesler – 2nd Ave – Main – 5th Ave S
  • 5:45 pm — International District Station: 5th Ave S just south of Jackson
  • We’ll ride Dearborn to Hiawatha and then get onto the Mountains to Sound Trail.
  • 5:55 pm — Judkins Park Station: Meet across the street on the east side of 23rd Ave S to avoid crowding the sidewalk that is still partically blocked by construction here at the station.
  • 6:05 pm —East Portal Viewpoint above the east end of the Mountains to Sound tunnel (not at the tunnel) on Lake Washington Blvd. Here we’ll stop for a brief rest and to enjoy the view before continuing south on Lake Washington Blvd. 
  • We’ll turn right onto Gennesse and wind our way to Columbia City.
  • We’ll arrive at Columbia Park around 6:30, and chat and chill. 

More rides!
Our 2022 ride series will explore route options in south Seattle, but all are welcome. You need not be new to bike commuting to join us, but please come prepared for a mellow pace that prioritizes the comfort of folks who may be less experienced with commuting and with riding in or near car traffic.

What is a biketrain?
A biketrain is a lot like a car pool for bicycle commuters, but without the car, the cost, the gas, or the traffic jams. Cycling – to & from work or anywhere – can be one of the better ways to get around.

Seattle Biketrain rolls out on an irregular schedule, enjoying friendliness and safety in numbers. Routes and riding pace are chosen with less experienced cyclists in mind. If you don’t know how to ride a bike, but feel at home on a razr-type scooter or skateboard, you are welcome to join us on any such wheeled device. (And you can join us on a future ride by bike once you’ve learned to comfortably ride and control a bike. Cascade Bicycle Club’s classes to learn to ride are one option for learning.)

Interested in adaptive bicycles? We’ll reach out to our contacts to try to arrange a loaner. Check back for more info and additional FAQS soon. If you are on Twitter, you can DM us.

UPDATE: Our e-mail is back up as of April 21, 2022! Reach us at info @ seattlebiketrain.com

Heavy rain or extreme temperatures may change our ride plans. Check Seattle Biketrain Twitter feed for the most updated information.

Seattle Biketrain is 100% fueled by volunteers, a clean & green renewable energy source.

This page last updated May 19, 2022 to ask additional riders to RSVP by 4pm today and to confirm that tree fall at Mt. Baker from Wednesday has been cleared, so we can stick to our planned route.

RSVP here.